the bird 4 women

Width B = extremely narrow, width C = very narrow, width D = narrow, width E = average,
Width G = wide, width H = very wide, width J = extremely wide.
Photo's A
Basic form, the so-called Banana form, follows the foot line asymmetrically.
Heel 2,5 cm, with elegant or sporty shoe frame to choose from. Width C, E and G.
Photo's B
Elegant form on 4,5 cm heel with own "the bird" design and space for all toes.
Width C and E and on a wider basis G and J.
Photo's C
Donna form, elegant shaped form for every day on a 3 cm heel, solid heel conclusion.
Width B, for the extremely narrow feet, width D and H with elegant width.
Not available in shoe stores until August 2015.
Photo's D
Sportive young form, heel height 1 cm, for example sneakers in the width C, E de G.
Photo's E
New unique form, 9 cm heel, evening shoe for the young slim woman.
Width D with very good tight shut at the heel and in front more space for the toes.
Not available in shoe stores until August 2015.