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If you look at our website, we will assume that you have narrow feet. But so you really are not alone.
In the publication "The German Foot Report 2009" were the body height and foot size of 3.400 women between the ages of 20 to 80 years was measured and evaluated.
Young people are now more slim and taller.
A remarkable result is that women between 20 and 40 years are 6 cm taller on average, than women aged 50 to 80 years. And they are much slimmer.

This study also makes clear that the feet of younger women are longer and slimmer.

The feet of 20 to 40 year-olds are on average 10 mm slimmer - in tecnical terms these are two widths.

Although tall and slim represents an ideal of beauty, most women need to get used to that they also thus need a larger shoe size.

For more than 70% of women the widths C to F are required.

Let your feet measure and do not be tempted to buy too small shoes. You just will walk better and prevent health problems.