the bird 4 man

Width B = extremely narrow width, C = very narrow, width D = narrow, width E = average,
G width = wide, width H = very wide, width J = extremely wide.
Photo's A
Original base form with many elements from the 1930s, follows the foot line asymmetrically,
for sporty or elegant clothes, in the width C and E.
Photo's B
Classical straight form, perfect fitting on inner foot bale, with very good heels conclusion
and a lot of room for the toes. Width C, E and G.
Photo's C
The form for the perfect boat shoe in the width C, E and G.
Anti-slip, leaving no footprints and has a lot more room for the toes.
Photo's D
Sportive form with colorful soles for the tall young man. A shoe in which the toes are not being
squeezed, but simply get more space to relax. Width C and D.