I'm the bird man.
I am the bird woman.
I am sporty and slim, like to live healthy but I also appreciate fashionable clothes and shoes. Because I have slim and slender feet, I can almost nowhere find goed shoes and this reduces my fancy for shopping. On recommendation I bought a pair of the bird shoes at my shoe shop, because there they sell all models of the bird shoes in various widths, including narrow ones. A new world opened up for me. So many elegant and sporty models, but also all in my narrow size. The shoes fit perfectly on the foot and my toes have enough space and freedom. The bird shoes are a discovery and I can highly recommended them. I have discovered the bird shoes for me when I was looking for young fashionable shoes. For years I am already aware that I have lean and narrow feet and most shoes do not really fit me. When I tried on some shoes from the bird for the first time in my shoe store, I could not make up my mind. Not because they did not fit, but because I was not used to such a large selection. I left the store with two pairs of beautiful shoes and since then they are my absolute favorites. They walk comfortable and my toes finally have the freedom they need. I exchange the shoes regularly and wear them during the whole day. Also my girlfriends find them pretty cool. I'm looking forward to next season with hopefully many new models of the bird.